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What is an SRES®?

Only real estate professionals who are members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR) can call themselves REALTORS®.  All REALTORS® adhere to NAR’s strict Code of Ethics, which is based on professionalism and protection of the public. That’s why all real estate licensees are NOT the same.  Dedicated to serving America’s property owners at both local and national levels, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, The Voice for Real Estate®, is the largest professional association at over one million members strong. So, whether you’re buying or selling a home — it pays to work with a REALTOR®

7 Reasons to Work With a REALTOR®

REALTORS® aren’t just agents. They’re professional members of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribe to its strict code of ethics. This is the REALTOR® difference for home buyers:


  • Ethical treatment. Every REALTOR® must adhere to a strict code of ethics, which is based on professionalism and protection of the public. As a REALTOR®’s client, you can expect honest and ethical treatment in all transaction-related matters. The first obligation is to you, the client.

  • An expert guide. Buying a home usually requires dozens of forms, reports, disclosures, and other technical documents. A knowledgeable expert will help you prepare the best deal, and avoid delays or costly mistakes. Also, there’s a lot of jargon involved, so you want to work with a professional who can speak the language.

  • Objective information and opinions. REALTORS® can provide local information on utilities, zoning, schools, and more. They also have objective information about each property. REALTORs® can use that data to help you determine if the property has what you need. By understanding both your needs and search area, they can also point out neighborhoods you don’t know much about but that might suit your needs better than you’d thought.

  • Expanded search power. Sometimes properties are available but not actively advertised. A REALTOR® can help you find opportunities not listed on home search sites and can help you avoid out-of-date listings that might be showing up as available online but are no longer on the market.

  • Negotiation knowledge. There are many factors up for discussion in a deal. A REALTOR® will look at every angle from your perspective, including crafting a purchase agreement that allows enough time for you to complete inspections and investigations of the property before you are bound to complete the purchase.

  • Up-to-date experience. Most people buy only a few homes in their lifetime, usually with quite a few years in between each purchase. Even if you’ve done it before, laws and regulations change. REALTORS® handle hundreds of transactions over the course of their career.

  • Your rock during emotional moments. A home is so much more than four walls and a roof. And for most people, property represents the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. Having a concerned, but objective, third party helps you stay focused on the issues most important to you.


Reprinted from REALTOR® Magazine Online by permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®


A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) is a REALTOR® who is uniquely qualified to assist seniors in housing sales and purchases. The SRES® designation is awarded only to REALTORS® who have successfully completed a series of educational courses on how to help seniors and their families with later-in-life real estate transactions. They also draw upon the expertise of a network of senior specialists, such as estate planners, CPAs, and eldercare lawyers, and are familiar with local community resources and services. Their mission is to help seniors and their families navigate the maze of financial, legal and emotional issues that accompany the sale of the home.

What qualities make an SRES® different?


  • Has knowledge, experience and compassion in dealing with senior issues.

  • Works first and foremost with the best interests of the client in mind.

  • Can suggest housing alternatives, including ones that may allow an aging parent to remain in the home instead of selling it.

  • Takes a no-pressure approach to the transaction and has a strong service orientation.

  • Will take the time needed to make a client feel comfortable with the complex selling process.

  • Understands the emotional demands a sale can make on a senior, and tries to minimize them.

  • Tailors the marketing of a home to the needs of an older client.

  • Can interact easily with all generations, including seniors, adult children and caretakers.

  • Is knowledgeable about local senior housing options and elder support services.

  • Has a wide network of other senior-focused professionals who can assist in tax counseling, financial and estate planning, and other aspects of the sale and move.


Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Properties Ltd. 2305 E. Arapahoe Rd. #145 Centennial, CO

Let me tell you a bit about me.


I was born in the Chicago area back when shag carpet was fashionable!
A little over a decade later my family then decided to trade snow for sand and we moved to California in time for me to learn how to navigate 6 lanes of freeway traffic and survive!

As I grew into adulthood I was lured to New Orleans by lush gardens and balmy night air. I lived there for two decades, surviving three hurricanes first-hand (Yes, including THAT hurricane) and I will always know what it means to miss New Orleans.


Time passed, I became a new mom, and we all moved to Colorado to put down roots close to family, as well as  for all the wonderful things that make Colorado and the Denver Metro so desired and treasured.

So what do I do with my time?


The schedule of a Realtor® is pretty much on demand and I'm always on-duty, but I also squeeze in a few other activities along with career and being a mom.


I belong to a Volkswagen Car Club called Volkswagen Enthusiasts of Colorado. I've owned six classic VW's in my life so far, from my first car, a 1971 Karmann Ghia, to my current project, a 1968 Squareback. I help out with the club by doing much of their graphic design, and wear many hats when it comes to their long-running yearly car show; Volkswagens on the Green.

I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and attend meetings and help out with service when I can. I am currently the chair of the National Defender committee.

I love parrots! I have a flock of four assorted Pyrrhura Conures, 3 of which are rescues.


I also have been an avid motorcycle rider since I was 18. I have a sport-bike that I very much enjoy riding through our breathtakingly beautiful mountain roads alongside my other half, David.


Costumes! I have been building costumes (also called CosPlay) since I was a teen. I try to out-do myself every time, and have won more than a couple costume contests. The process of planning, creating, and perfecting a costume just makes me very happy and time just flies when I'm in the process. Creativity in general is a huge part of who I am, and what makes me tick.


Between Real Estate, being a mom, and all my hobbies I keep busy! All that and I also spend a good amount of time back in New Orleans. I am licensed to sell Real Estate there as well, and my dream is to own property in the historic Vieux Carre' one day and be a snowbird!

My path to becoming a Realtor®


Creativity ...


...has always been my driving force, in practically everything I do. I started out in the sign-making business, which hopped over to picture framing in the mid-nineties. Picture framing became my career, and as I learned and grew, I eventually becoming a Conservation Picture Framer. At this capacity I was in charge of designing and creating the framing for not only sentimentally valuable but also popular and even priceless works of art from artists such as Degas, Warhol, Rembrandt, and even a Van Gogh. Having worked with such important pieces for collectors, celebrities, and museums, as well as pieces from family photos to poster art, I moved to Denver, expecting to continue in this vein. I was quite surprised to find the need for my level of expertise was simply not in demand here. While I had extensive experience in successfully creating some minor entrepreneurial ventures, they were not strong enough earners to help support our family. I was faced with the need to change careers.


At the same time I was facing this challenge, we were starting our quest to buy a home. We were at the beginning stage, unsure about exactly where we wanted to be. With just a general price range and a few requirements, we started looking around, calling on homes on-line, going to open houses. As we did this we met up with many Real Estate Agents, and what really stood out to me was that even though we told people we hadn't signed with an agent yet, the moment they could tell we were just starting our search, it was like we suddenly turned invisible. There was such a disconnect, apathy, and a lack of what I felt was good customer service in general towards us as buyers. Had just one of these professionals stuck with us and skillfully helped us, we would have been loyal to them! After a few frustrating weeks of this, I started getting curious about what it really means to be a Real Estate Agent. I did some research, and the more I learned, the more I realized that in my prior career and entrepreneurial moonlighting I had learned an eclectic but extremely valuable skill set that could serve me very well in the Real Estate field. I decided to make it happen!


All that is history now, I am so glad I made that choice! I passed the License tests with flying colors, attended hours and hours of continuing education, grew my brand, and started acquiring the skills that come from experience and hard work. While I am am always striving to improve myself, I have become that service-oriented, friendly, and skilled agent I was looking for years ago..  Oh, and we found a home and I clinched it in a multiple-offer situation. We closed on time with minimal stress. My first transaction! *wink*.

Now I offer that level of professionalism to you at a competitive cost, and yes, there are always bee cupcakes at closing!


What is a Neighborhood Specialist?


Being a neighborhood specialist is important because there is much more to neighborhood knowledge than just knowing the latest sales statistics.



  • A neighborhood specialist intimately knows the neighborhood.

  • They know how to uncover neighborhood specifics and hidden details that can lead to finding a better property or marketing your home.

  • They can locate valuable information on the demographics and resources of the neighborhood.

  • They can more accurately price homes and determine specific values.

  • They stay current on new inventory that has just come on the market.

  • They also know which home inspections should be performed that are particular to the area, and they can refer time-tested local inspectors and contractors.

  Buyers and sellers are better served by someone who has intimate knowledge of the ebbs and flows of the hyper-local market. It is far better for you to work with someone who keeps up to the minute with every listing, is knowledgeable of the current inventory, and has the experience and resources to make your transaction smooth and positive.